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Kills 99.999% of germs & viruses both airborne and on surfaces

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Proven effective against Covid-19 & other members of the Coronavirus Family.

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Alcohol Free, safe & protective. Easy to use between each client, daily.


Keeping Schools Safe & Covid Friendly

Keeping schools open and clean is vital to society.  With or without lockdowns schools have operated for children of frontline and key workers or at risk children. Staff, parents and children deserve to be safe.  The work we've been doing within schools has helped with re-opening, keeping open and staying safe. 

Working with our none alcoholic solution is so important and none more so than in nurseries.  Using our fogging services or buying their own fogging machines has enabled schools to press the "reset" button whenever they choose to.  Our Hypochlorous Acid solution means that it's a safe liquid solution, drys fast and enables seem-less transition throughout the day.  Our Hand Sanitiser ticks the boxes that schools require.  This sanitiser can be used safely on adults and children, keeping cleanliness to the fore. A huge attraction is the none-alcoholic element when means we can keep the bottles within reach of children without the safety risks the alcoholic alternatives display. Our touch point spray enables schools to spray down seats, tables, doors, toys, books and more.  We're pleased to be able to supply this reassurance.

So many Hand Sanitisers contain alcohol and on the back say 2 things:

  1. Keep out of reach of children 

  2. Highly Flammable

Frontline Hygiene's solutions is None Alcoholic and None Flammable.  Why risk having alcoholic and flammable bottles if you don't have to? 


Spray for touch points


Fogging your premises


BleTest Lab Approved


Happy Hands for children


5L Alcohol Free refill


Multi use fogging machines

Our Clients include

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Multi Use Sanitising Product

Exceptionally, there are 3 main ues to our amazing Hand and Surface Solution:

  1. Hand Sanitiser (non-alcoholic)

  2. Surface & Touch Point Cleaner

  3. Fogging Decontamination

Frontline Hygiene is a Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) solution, which has been applauded for it's strength and versatility. It's safe, alcohol free and up to 9 times stronger than bleach. Safety Standards include (BSEN 1276, 1656, 14476, 13727 and 1500.  It is FDA Approved, Halal Certified, Vegan and tested and approved against Covid-19 and Coronavirus.

The Benefits to Schools Include:

  • Quick and easy to use

  • Alcohol free, safe for use and none flammable

  • Saves thousands of £ vs using specialist cleaners and foggers

  • Reduce costs, and increase safety with touch point, toy and book sanitising

  • Simple to use and saves time and money

  • Protection and reassurance to staff

  • Confidence from customers that the right procedures are in place

  • Multi-uses for the sanitiser and touch point solution

  • Emergency Fogging can be done at your own convenience

  • Puts you firmly in control of safety and sanitising



Owning the equipment and solution is the best way of saving money.  A one off Fogging booking will cost upwards of £500.  For the same money you can fog the premises multiple times at your own leisure, saving your thousands of pounds in the long run.