Opening up your business after Covid-19

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Lets face it, it's what we're all desperate to do! Whatever your business, factory, offices or food place you need to re-open and get back to earning money right? Even those businesses who are fortunate enough to allow their staff to work from home, at some point you need to get them back into work, because thats the office or unit you're paying for.

So what should we do?

The very simplest things we can do is just to put some hand sanitiser on the side and make sure people are wearing masks. I've seen it a lot, a cheap table moved from out the back, or put the sanitiser by the till where nobody can see it, let alone use it!

The best thing we can do is put a hand sanitising unit by the door, it "tells" people - use me! Of course in that unit needs to be Frontline Hygienes special alcohol free hand sanitiser. You can have signs on the floor or wall, tape, you name it.. it all helps. Most shops are adopting more of a one way system which can help as well.

Either or, the key here is getting people to sanitise on entry. Surely if you clean your hands correctly then enter the building what you touch after that you're clean?

Remember all you can do is your best, set up for success and all that.. but make sure you're doing the right things..

man disinfectant fogging
Disinfectant Fogging your business back to "open"

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