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Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) Ideal for Businesses inc Dentists, Opticians, Hotels, Schools & Nurseries

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI) is electrolysed oxidising water. Around the world it is commonly becoming known that HOCI is one of the most potent disinfectants available. More and more experts, like scientists and academics are recognising the effectiveness of HOCI.

But this is all good and well, why is it effective for businesses?

In short its a safer and faster way to clean and disinfect any section of the business. Some industries like dentistry have a changeover period between patients, where this time will dramatically decrease with this.

It is an effective solution and far safer than it's toxic alternatives. It's efficiency and safety are key areas when deciding which spray and disinfectant to use. It is also safe if spill, it won't leave marks, and it's safe on hands and skin. Other solutions may inform you to wear goggles and gloves, which this doesn't.

Changeover between customers?

With a turnaround between customers and the need to disinfect the areas they have used our solution and trigger spray allows for safe cleaning of the area. Simply spray on the areas to clean or spray the air surrounding and the particles will lightly fall. This kills the virus or bacteria in the air and on surfaces. It will dry quickly, or you can wipe it down. It will disinfect and clean all the equipment used and because its safe, you don't have to leave the room, or even airiate the room before re-entering.

Schools and Nurseries?

As a disinfectant or hand sanitising spray its extremely effective, its kind to skin and is non-alcoholic. After all why would we keep putting alcohol on our childrens hands? Sometimes check the back of the bottle - "keep out of reach of children" will be the first thing it says. With more and more children getting sore hands, potentially sensitive skin, this alternative is a must. Our HOCI Hand Sanitiser is ideal for all religions because its alcohol free, 100% vegan and kind. It ticks all boxes.

Hotels & Pubs

The safe disinfectant is important to the hotel and pub industry and anyone who will have children there should also note that the alcohol free solution is safe for any children who visit.

You can fog hotel rooms, or spray the liquid in the rooms and it will safely clean and disinfect ready for the next guest.

Oh and did we mention HOCI is non-flammable. Having small or large stocks of flammable liquid in your store cupboard is dangerous and may affect your insurance.

It's worth making the switch.

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