How effective is Disinfectant Fogging?

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Is this something a business can afford to do, or is it something a business can afford not to do? It's a tough question because everyones already lost so much income because of Covid.

However, the best way to look at this is by using a disinfectant fogging you can "reset cleanliness back to near perfect".

What is it?

Put simply, its liquid into a machine, which then fires it out as a mist, it falls and where it settles it kills everything in its path! The guys who do it pop on their coveralls, wear the classic gas mask and go about your premises with the fogging machine. Half an hour or so later, with the windows open to give the ventilation and your place is clean. Pretty neat huh.

But surely once someone comes in it isn't clean anymore?

Ah yes the classic comment. But then once you wash your hands and touch something your hands aren't as clean anymore right? But then you still wash your hands over again don't you? So surely this justifies cleaning, or resetting the place back to clean again? Well it does for me anyway.